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Plan Your Next Journey

On our multimodal AI-powered platform, you can easily plan your next adventure-filled journey, connect with like-minded peers, and get personalized support from Kris, your voice-activated AI copilot!

Start your journey now for free!
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Everyone is a hero in their own journey.
 PowerYou AI helps you navigate your path.

How does PowerYou AI work?

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All Your Adventures
in One Place

AI-Powered Planning for 
Your Goals

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Support from Voice-Activated Copilot 

Why PowerYou AI?

Discover what sets us apart!

Your Information Stays Safe

Your information is secure and private, never used for public LLM training.

Best-in-Class Experience

Our platform leverages multimodal AI solutions to provide you with an exceptional user experience.

​Personalized by Experience

We developed PowerYou AI with our own journeys in mind, bringing the same dedication to helping you achieve yours.

User Testimonials

Discovered Myself Through PowerYou

Just a month ago, I had a number of bad habits that I needed to kick. PowerYou helped me do this seamlessly and through my subconscious. They asked me questions that got at the deeper issues and underlying questions that I needed to get answered.

Thank you PowerYou AI for revitalizing my mindset and setting me up for success!


A Support System At Your Fingertips
Talk to Kris, she gets it. I’ve never felt more seen and understood by an app, Kris feels like the supportive friend we all deserve to have. No matter where you are in your life, the app is here to help you navigate your next steps.
It serves as a reminder that we are never stuck, even when we may feel like we are. I am grateful to have found this app!


Fun and easy to use
Love the user friendly UI and the feedback that the app provides. It's helped me find ways to de-stress and find ways to improve my productivity.


I love PowerYou AI! It helps me get the motivation I need to finish projects, and it gives me advice that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to find! It’s a great ai, and a great help to my studies and learning!
Purpose and values
I use this app to connect with my purpose and values right before I go into important meetings. This tool has provided a daily dose of self-knowledge for me!

Critical runner

Love it
​An easy to use app that helps we with daily tasks and to help prepare me for the future. This is exactly what I have needed!
Garn Craven
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Our Partners

Columbia University

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NYU Future Labs


National Wellness Institute


Cooley LLP

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