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True happiness and fulfillment
arise from a deep understanding and discovery of one's inner voice.

Our Team

Our team comprises Ph.D. researchers from Columbia University and U Penn, talented engineers, creative designers, and innovators working together in a truly interdisciplinary style to unlock human potential using AI. 

Our Story

PowerYou AI's journey began in 2023. 

In an era of digital distractions and information overload, many individuals struggle to establish and execute their goals. Recognizing this challenge, we have created an AI app that is designed to help everyone amplify their inner voices, take action, and guide them toward a richer and more inspired existence.

Our Vision

We envision a world where everyone embraces self-knowledge, where self-discovery becomes a daily habit rather than an occasional pursuit. Our goal is for PowerYou AI to be not just an app, but rather a movement toward a more conscious and purposeful life, propelled by continuous personal growth.


Together, we are embarking on a journey to unlock the latent potential within, fostering a community of individuals who inspire, uplift, and, above all, celebrate the beauty of self-discovery.

The power to transform begins with you.

Be part of our future!

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